There is something to be said about having courage. In a world where we all have a choice to speak out or remain silent, those who are brave will come forth making themselves known. As death surrounds us, we still have a choice to live while we are here. When we decide to live, it shows the perfect example of courage. Living puts us outside of our comfort zones, which is what brings us here. The unspoken words, have been spilled onto the pages you will read. To live and not only exist is something that we should all strive for. As we rise with the sun each day, time is constantly moving forward. Each year that passes, brings new trials. We are living in an era, where social media illuminates everything around us. The light shines on the good and the bad.

Traumatizing events are happening all around the world. Lives are taken each day, people are not being treated equal and we decided to speak. In our meetings, we noticed something. It was as if we started to make sense to one another. When we spoke, deliberated and conversed, the words poured from our hearts. Each person had their own voice, their own perspective. It came to our understanding that it didn't matter who said what, it only mattered that it was said.

As we share our passionate stories, you are entering into the depths of our souls. For it is unimportant whose side you may be on, it is only important that our words are spoken. We had the courage come out of the shadows and mark our place in this world. We encourage you to use your voice, stand up for equality, and join us on our quest for unity. In order to create change, we must first come together. Lives have been taken away, water has come and washed away most of our city but still we stand. We are Voices from the Bayou.